Gopher State One Call News

Tyler Hayden - GSOC Project Specialist

What a winter! Lots of snow and plenty of subzero temps. Although many of us here at the Gopher State One Call center wanted to hibernate during these frigid months, we instead took advantage of the “down time” by taking on two improvement projects.

  • First, our GIS department has been busy. “GIS” stands for Global Information Systems. To us, that means the digital maps we use on a daily basis here in the call center to help pinpoint the location of your excavation site. But it also covers the digital maps you use to draw a box around your excavation site when submitting a locate request via E-Ticket. Last summer a new law was passed by the State of Minnesota requiring local units of government to share their digital map data with GSOC. Examples of this data include the location and names of streets, E911 address points, municipality boundaries, and the location of other geographic features such as schools, parks, trails, and bodies of water. We greatly appreciate the cooperation we've received thus far from government professionals sharing this valuable information with GSOC.
  • Second, we upgraded our call center software in mid-February. This is the software used by our customer service representatives to collect excavator project information and determine which facility operators should be notified. Software architects along with a team of highly trained analysts spent five months testing and tweaking the program to ensure a seamless transition both internally and externally. As a result of this upgrade we gained advanced address searching capability and improved mapping navigability. The software is user friendly and parallels the look and feel of other online mapping websites like Google Maps.

So what does this mean to you? With ongoing digital map updates and enhanced call center software that takes advantage of these updates, we are confident we will continue to provide the best service possible to anyone contacting us throughout 2014 and beyond.  Check out examples of before and after the upgrade took place!



   Excerpt of Stearns County before



Excerpt of Stearns County after