April 2015 Marks the 8th National Safe Digging Month


Click or call before you dig.     Know what’s below.        

Gopherstateonecall.org          1-800-252-1166          651-454-0002              811


Do these sound familiar? Have you submitted a locate request via E-Ticket on the Gopher State One Call (GSOC) website or called one of the numbers listed above?  If so, you submitted one or many of the over 700,000 locate requests submitted by Minnesota home owners, landscapers, farmers, and professional excavators who clicked or called GSOC last year before you dug in your yard or started an excavation project.  You also took the right step in helping to keep yourself, your family and co-workers safe. In addition, you helped to protect the miles and miles of underground facilities throughout Minnesota.  It’s also the law. 

What about your home owner or excavation projects this year?

The project plans are drawn up. You are ready to go!  One important next step - click or call GSOC at least 48 business hours, excluding weekends and Holidays, before you start your project. GSOC will then notify the underground facility operators that have underground lines located near your project. If you own private facilities, such as gas or electric lines to a garage, pool, shop, or out building, you are responsible for locating these lines.  If you have hired an excavator, they should ask you where your private lines are located. If you need help locating the lines, a list of contract locators can be found on the GSOC website at www.gopherstateonecall.org/contract-locators-directory.

Finally, one last step before commencing your project:

Check that the marks in your yard or project area are those of the underground facility operators who were notified to mark your project location.  If you submitted your locate request by email or gave your email address when you called in your locate request, you will receive a positive response email which lists the status of the facility operators and their marks. Many underground facility operators will respond with “clear/no conflict” on the positive response page if they do not have conflicting facilities and you may not see “clear” marks at your project site. If you did not give your email address to GSOC when you called in your locate request, you can go to www.gsocsearch.org to check your ticket positive response. For questions about your underground facility markings, call the appropriate facility owner by using the phone numbers listed on the positive response.

Safely enjoy April 2015 National Safe Digging Month!

Thank you for clicking or calling GSOC before you dig. 

Barbara Cederberg

Chief Operations Officer, GSOC