The Second Season: Road Construction, Agricultural Excavation, and Backyard Projects

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The second season is here! Road construction, agricultural excavation and backyard projects are in full swing.  At Gopher State One Call (GSOC) we know that there is already a lot of excavation activity in Minnesota. GSOC took slightly over 90,000 tickets this April. This compares to just under 60,000 last April and over 100,000 last May. So, if you have seen road signs pop up like tulips or blossom like dandelions, you are enjoying spring in Minnesota. You may also be enjoying spring in Minnesota by starting the backyard project that you put off from last fall.  If you farm, you may be repairing drain tile.  All in all, spring in Minnesota is so brief but oh so busy.

With all the activities and projects that you have planned this spring, it is important to have safety as part of your plans.  Slowing down in road construction zones, driving defensively, looking out for motorcycles are just a few of the things you should plan to do while driving.  For your agricultural or back yard digging projects, clicking or calling GSOC before you dig should be a key step in your planning.


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We at GSOC are here to help you have safe projects; from road construction to planting the tree in your backyard. If landscaping is on the horizon and you hire a landscaper, be sure they click or call GSOC before digging. If you are a DIYer, be sure that you call GSOC but remember to call at least 48 hours prior to when you want to start the project, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. This provides time for the underground facility operators to have their lines marked.  Also remember that if you own private facilities, such as gas or electric lines to a garage, pool, shop, or out building, you are responsible for locating these lines.  If you have hired a landscaper, they should ask you where your private lines are located. If you need help locating the private lines, a list of contract locators can be found on the GSOC website at These same requirements apply to the repair of drain tile or other agricultural excavation.

To help you, we at GSOC have a resource center.  They can help you with such things as website issues, E-Ticket submission issues, and ticket search issues.  The resource center is not able help you with individual ticket entry or updating tickets. You can reach the Resource Center at 651-681-7326 or via email at To submit or update a ticket on line go to or

Click or call before you dig.  Let us help you have a safe project.

Barbara M. Cederberg

Chief Operations Officer

Minnesota Damage Prevention Meetings

Yesterday, the second Damage Prevention meeting in Minnesota was held.  The first meeting was in Shakopee on Wednesday, March 4th and the second meeting was in Maplewood.  Over 200 people attended each of these meetings. Attendees included excavators, contractors and locators.  Pipeline companies had table top displays and offered useful give-aways to attendees.

Each year the Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety (MNOPS) and Gopher State One Call (GSOC) coordinate with utility coordinating committees and utilities to hold Damage Prevention meetings throughout the state.  This year, the Minnesota Common Ground Alliance (MNCGA) also participated. 

The purpose of these meetings is to educate and discuss damage prevention of underground facilities. With the increase in the number of construction projects and new people entering the construction trade, it is more important than ever to utilize safe excavation practices at each excavation site, each day. It is the goal of the excavation community that each employee return home safely at the end of their work day.

At the meetings this year, MNCGA reviews the purpose of MNCGA, asks you to become involved and discusses the importance of identifying private or customer owned facilities that do not get marked by facility operators. GOSC highlights the new website and the soon to be released E-Ticket update. MNOPS discusses key safety learning lessons by reviewing case studies.

Over 30 Damage Prevention meetings are being held throughout the state during March and April. A full listing of meetings and registration can be found on the MNCGA website All meetings are free.

We look forward to seeing you at your local Damage Prevention meeting.

Barb Cederberg

COO, Gopher State One Call

It is that time of year again to think about spring and to make plans for when the ground thaws. With temperatures continuing to be below freezing, it is hard to imagine that we will be tilling, planting or ramping up the number of excavation and back yard projects any time soon. However, every year we know that spring will eventually arrive. Let’s be ready!

This week the Minneapolis Home and Garden show is at the Minneapolis Convention Center, Wednesday, February 25th through Sunday, March 1st.  Gopher State One Call (GSOC) will be present during the entire show so please stop by and meet your friends from Minnesota Common Ground Alliance, Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety, utility and pipeline companies, and Gopher State One Call. All of us are committed to safe digging and excavation practices in Minnesota.

GSOC will be at booth 2046.  Stop by to learn why it is so important to “Call before you dig” so that you “Know what’s below”.  Learn about the easy way to electronically submit and review the status of your locate request from your mobile device or computer. See what the different colored flags and markings mean. Talk with us about the underground gas and electric lines on your property that you own and need to know where they are before you dig.

We look forward to visiting with you at the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show!

Barb Cederberg

Chief Operations Officer, GSOC

 For more information on the Minneapolis Home and Garden Show, visit 


I am excited to be part of Gopher State One Call (GSOC).  Each of us, excavators, underground facility operators, the public and GSOC, plays an important role in enhancing the underground safety in Minnesota.  At GSOC we will continue to improve our systems, practices and communications to ensure the protection of the citizens and underground infrastructure in Minnesota. 

I welcome your suggestions and ideas on how GSOC can better serve you as the notification center under Minnesota State Statute Chapter 216D. 
I can be reached at 651-681-7307 and at

I look forward to working with all of you.





Barbara M. Cederberg has been appointed Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Gopher State One Call (GSOC).  In this role Barb assumes primary responsibility over GSOC’s duties pertaining to public safety as the notification center under Minnesota Statutes Chapter §216D.  She will undertake the continuous improvement of systems, practices and communications to ensure the protection of the citizens and underground infrastructure in the State of Minnesota and “own” the safety mantel of GSOC. Barb replaces Loren Fritz who is retiring as interim President. Loren was also a long time Board member of GSOC.

Barb is an experienced executive having held executive leadership roles at Taylor Corporation, Imation and 3M. She has construction related experience in a business development role for a local geothermal company. In all of these roles, she has been a leader and an advocate for safety.

In her new role at GSOC, Barb looks forward to continuing her safety advocacy and enhancing GSOC's services, improving the ease of use of GSOC’s systems and working with excavators, public facility operators and the public to enhance underground safety in Minnesota.        

Barb is a life-long resident of St. Paul Minnesota. She can be reached at 651-681-7307 and on e-mail at