Meet Documentation

Please use the Excavator Meet Agreement and Documentation Form below to document all meet activities. This document is available to print or save as needed. It is suggested this form be completed by the excavator with input from locator.





Minnesota Rules Chapter 7560



Subpart 1. Excavator duties.
When requesting a meet through the notification center, an excavator must provide at least one contact name and telephone number to assist in facilitating the meet. An excavator shall contact the notification center to cancel or reschedule the meet and the notification center shall relay this information to the affected operators. When a meet is requested, an excavator's notice must include the entire geographic area of the proposed excavation and the specific location of the meet. This part does not relieve an excavator from the duty to provide a precise geographic location of the proposed area of excavation, or to use white markings except where it can be shown that to do so is not practical.

Subpart 2. Operator duties.
When a meet is requested, an affected operator shall make a reasonable effort to attend the meet at the proposed date and time, or contact the excavator before the meet and reschedule for a mutually agreed date and time.

Subpart 3. Excavation start date and time.
When a meet is requested, the meet date and time must be at least 48 hours after notice is provided, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and the excavation start date and time must be at least 24 hours after the proposed meet date and time specified on the notice, excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays. This subpart does not apply if these matters are provided for in a written agreement with all affected operators.

Subpart 4. Meet request documentation.
An excavator shall maintain written documentation of each meet with an underground facility operator or representative. This documentation must be kept for the duration of the excavation conducted under the notice. The documentation must include:

A. the date and time of each meet;
B. the names, company affiliations, and contact information of the attendees of each meet;
C. a diagram, sketch, or description of the precise excavation locations, dates, and times; and
D. the agreed schedule of any future meets or communications.

7560.0100 DEFINITIONS.

Subpart 7. Meet.

When used as a noun in this chapter, "meet" refers to a meeting at the site of proposed excavation requested at the time of notice by the excavator with all affected underground facility operators to further clarify the precise geographic location of excavation, schedule locating, propose future contacts, and share other information concerning the excavation and facilities.