Board of Directors 

Highlights: January 12, 2022

  • Chair’s Report: Special guests Ron Peterson, Executive Director of NULCA, and Sarah Psick, Government Relations Representative for Minnesota AGC. 
  • Infrastructure Protection Coalition (IPC) 811 Industry Study: Coalition is made up of contractor trade associations and the report is extensive covering all 50 states. This document was intended to be organic, but Barb Cederberg's understanding was that there would be no further revision of the report without additional funding.
  • COO Report: 2.4% decrease in overall tickets from last year though onlline ticketing increased to 83.8%. Continued efforts in the design engineering industry are planned for 2022 as well as new initiatives with the landscaping industry. Underground Utilities Mapping Project Team (UUMPT) willl continue and they will present next at the CGA conference in March. Overall, the majority of performance metrics are high and there was very little down time in 2021.
  • MNOPS Report: 2022 Pipelline Safety Conference is tentativelly scheduled for April 5-7. In person or online has not been decided at this time. MnOps has received several complaints about the appllicability of meet tickets. MnOps plans to provide further education and develop an alert notice.
  • PR/Awareness Report: None.
  • OCC Report: Website Data Visualization Tool presentation by Kyle Sowder of OCC. Input is encouraged from the board and stakeholders at large once the feature is live.
  • Board Governance: Read full minutes for a complete listing of board elections.

Highlights: December 8, 2021

  • Approval of Financial Projection Pat Warden then reviewed the remainder of the financial projection with the Board with assistance from Kevin Moore. After discussion, upon separate motions, duly made and seconded, the Board approved the 2022 Financial Projection.

Highlights: November 10, 2021

  • Chair’s Report: Introduction to new Board member Brian Connolly. Additional closed meeting planned for December 8th to review 2022 financial projection. Next regularly scheduled meeting willll be January 12, 2022 via Zoom. In-person meetings still on hold.
  • Legislative Report: None.
  • COO Report: Tickets are down approximately 2.2% as of the end of October. Review of tickets with extended start times showd that very few have delays of more than 60 minutes. The center conducted an analysis of help desk calls related to locators. Most were for unmarked facilities and a handful were for incorrect markings. Help desk employees are trained to encourage excavators to contact utilities directly so they can take action to correct their locators. Awareness program requesting excavators to allow for extra time for locators to mark as they are able has proven successful. Extra time was given on 44% of tickets as compared to 36% in 2022. GSOC is supporting the development of a case study regarding meet tickets to encourage locators that do not support the program. The Underground Utility Mapping Project team presented at CGA  in October and was well recieved. There are also plans to present at the Gllobal Excavation Safety Conference inn March 2022. OCC has acquired additional GIS technology resources and is planning a pilot project that would allow for the export of excavation polygons with a link to positive response so that info can be displayedon a companies excavation project GIS maps. The data analytics project is on track to launch in early 2022.  
  • MNOPS Report: Chapter 216D Stakeholder meetings are moving forward and the MnOPS annual Safety Conference is planned for April 4, 2022.
  • PR/Awareness Report: Specific effort being targeted to professional landscapers as a result of industry feedback. iHeart radio campaign expanding to include K102. Damage Prevention meetings are planned to be in-person in March and April 2022 and GSOC will be participating in sever expositions through winter and spring.  
  • OCC Report: Overall decrease in tickets is due entirely to decreases in hommeowner tickets, though they are still above 2019 numbers. Changes to GSOC policy in May will only allow for 1 update to refresh marks after which a new ticket will need to be submitted. Maps continue to be improved by governement GIS data. 14,000 updates have been made this year with over 5,000 made in October alone.
  • Board Governance: 40% of the Board is new within the last five years, but officers have remained the same throughout COVID. Board members are encouranged to consider what type of rotation is desireable and what additional roles they might be willing to participate in.

Highlights: October 6, 2021

  • Chair’s Report: Meeting minutes for September 1st were approved.
  • Legislative Report: None.
  • COO Report: September ticket volumes are lower than in previous years. A new product called iVerify was introduced at the OCC Users' group. GSOC is looking into whether or not this product can minimize the amount of manual ticket review. The underground mapping project is garnering interest. Olicia is back from maternity leave and working on enhancing outreach to landscapers. There has been a significant decrease in the number of homeowners tickets this year. There was discussion of the many things that could be contributing to this drop.
  • MNOPS Report: The new complaint process is still in process and MnOPS plans to hire more field personnel. Plans continue for the 2022 Safety Conference to take place in person. MS216D stakeholder review meetings are expected for the end of this year in regards to performance reporting, damage reporting, and the viability of GPS locating. Third quarter damage data is still being reviewed. Changes are coming in 2022 to the pipeline damage reporting requirement for intrastate pipeline companies. There has been resistance by a few contract locators and facility operators to meet ticket protocols. 
  • PR/Awareness Report:  Awareness will be ramping up with Olivia's return and as the pandemic continues to subside.
  • OCC Report: A new training class began in September. Homeowner tickets have decreased since last year, but overall percentage of online tickets is actually slightly ahead of last year. Map updates continue with over 9,000 implemented so far this year. Winter projects include converting all users to the latest ITIC software, a number of short videos showing how to optimize the online ticketing system, and updating all users contact info. The website analytics project is moving along with hopes to be live around the first of the year.
  • Election of new Director: Brian Connolly


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