Gopher State One Call News

Alicia Berger - Minnesota Regional CGA Chair

The Minnesota Regional Common Ground Alliance committee was formed as a diverse group of stakeholders dedicated to ensuring the safety of those who work or live in the vicinity of underground facilities. Our communities, homeowners, and excavators throughout Minnesota can be at risk due to underground damages and we as a group wanted to form an effective bridge between the efforts of the National CGA, Regulatory Agencies, Gopher State One Call, and other groups working for the common good of damage prevention. Minnesota has been a regional partner to the National CGA for many years; however, it was only in 2012 that stakeholders came together to breathe new life into the organization.

Our first goal was to establish a website that allowed stakeholders to find the information they needed relative to all damage prevention activities and entities in the state. We accomplished that in just six months.

The second goal was to develop a systematic approach to how we support Damage Prevention Meetings throughout the state. Damage Prevention meetings have traditionally been organized by a number of different Utility Coordinating Committees (UCC) and other groups throughout the state.

A MNCGA working group produced several tools for folks who organize these meetings and created a registration page for attendees. An excavator can now log on to our website and find information for every meeting throughout the state as well as other damage prevention resources

As a growing organization, we are constantly reflecting on our structure and working to identify how we can provide the greatest assistance with available resources. In addition to developing the tools and resources on our website and assisting with creating additional Utility Coordinating Committees, we also hope to grow and develop the area of Agriculture Awareness.

We welcome all stakeholders in Minnesota to join our membership. There are many opportunities to volunteer and become involved in working groups.   It’s free and we can only address the concerns and needs of our membership by getting their continual feedback and input.

To find out more about the MN Regional CGA, visit our website at