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In planning large-scale projects, it can often be helpful to meet in person with facility operators to discuss project design before construction begins. These meetings help align the planning team, contractors, and facility operators on underground utility coordination. Filing an Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket through Gopher State One Call (GSOC) allows you to do just that.

Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Tickets are a type of Non-Excavation Ticket used to set up a pre-con meeting with facility operators during all design and pre-construction phases of a project when there is no imminent intent to dig. These meetings are used to discuss factors such as scheduling, project design, and utility relocation.

Think an Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket might be right for your upcoming project? We’re answering five common questions about this type of Non-Excavation Ticket below.

  1. What is “Pre-Con” and at what point in project planning should an Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket be used?
    “Pre-Con” is short for “pre-construction.” Pre-construction can refer to: before the bid opening, during the bid advertising timeframe, or after the bid has been awarded to the contractor but prior to the beginning of construction. Often, this is considered the “design phase” of the project.

    A number of engineers consider it a best practice that multiple preliminary design meetings are held for utility coordination in complex projects. For example, pre-con meetings could be held at the start of a project, followed by meetings at the 30%, 60% and 90% design progress phases. A new Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket should be filed to arrange each of these meetings.

  2. When is it ideal to use an Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket?
    Using this type of Non-Excavation Ticket is ideal when a stakeholder is required to comply with Minnesota Statutes 216D.04 subdivision 1A(c) and (d) by holding a design meeting at a proposed future excavation site with potentially affected facility operators in the area.

  3. When and how should I file an Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket?
    As stated in the GSOC Handbook, Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Tickets should be filed a minimum of 15 working days prior to the desired pre-con meeting date. These tickets can be filed through GSOC by submitting a ticket online or by calling either 8-1-1 or 651-454-0002.

  4. What can I expect from facility operators after filing an Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket?
    Per Minnesota Statutes 216D.04 subdivision 1A(c) and (d), affected facility operator representatives are required to attend these meetings or make arrangements with the project owner to ensure all pertinent information is shared, allowing factors such as design, scheduling, and relocation of utilities to be properly addressed.

    If a facility operator representative cannot attend, GSOC recommends that a second meeting is held to ensure project information is effectively communicated.

  5. What if the facility operator does not attend the pre-con meeting?
    For each pre-con meeting, it’s essential to document the date and attendees – including those who did not attend – in your project files.

    Another meeting should be scheduled, or other arrangements made to provide information, if a facility operator representative fails to attend the pre-con meeting after committing to attending. The facility operator should also place documentation in the project file and make arrangements with the project owner to ensure all pertinent information is shared.

    If you find that facility operators habitually do not attend pre-con meetings or make other arrangements to provide information, document repeated lack of attendance and other satisfactory arrangements in your project files and contact the Minnesota Office Pipeline Safety (MNOPS).

Utilizing Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket(s) during the design phase not only opens the door to clear communication between the planning team, contractors, and facility operators, it also presents the opportunity to work directly with utility companies on design alterations and relocation before construction begins. Frequently, this can reduce delays, redesign, and construction overrun costs, in addition to reducing the risk of damages to existing utilities.

Have additional questions about using an Engineering/Pre-Con Meet Ticket? GSOC is ready to help. Contact our Customer Support team at 651-681-7326 or send us an email at customersupport@gopherstateonecall.org.

Looking to learn more about Meet Notifications or Meet Tickets/Requests instead? Meet Tickets are a type of Excavation Ticket. You can learn more by visiting pages 43-47 of the GSOC Handbook, reading this short article on the GSOC Blog, or viewing a two-minute video featuring A.J. Clark, Locating Solutions Manager at Badger Infrastructure Solutions, from our Learn From the Unexpected series.

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