Board of Directors 

Highlights: October 6, 2021

  • Chair’s Report: Meeting minutes for September 1st were approved.
  • Legislative Report: None.
  • COO Report: September ticket volumes are lower than in previous years. A new product called iVerify was introduced at the OCC Users' group. GSOC is looking into whether or not this product can minimize the amount of manual ticket review. The underground mapping project is garnering interest. Olicia is back from maternity leave and working on enhancing outreach to landscapers. There has been a significant decrease in the number of homeowners tickets this year. There was discussion of the many things that could be contributing to this drop.
  • MNOPS Report: The new complaint process is still in process and MnOPS plans to hire more field personnel. Plans continue for the 2022 Safety Conference to take place in person. MS216D stakeholder review meetings are expected for the end of this year in regards to performance reporting, damage reporting, and the viability of GPS locating. Third quarter damage data is still being reviewed. Changes are coming in 2022 to the pipeline damage reporting requirement for intrastate pipeline companies. There has been resistance by a few contract locators and facility operators to meet ticket protocols. 
  • PR/Awareness Report:  Awareness will be ramping up with Olivia's return and as the pandemic continues to subside.
  • OCC Report: A new training class began in September. Homeowner tickets have decreased since last year, but overall percentage of online tickets is actually slightly ahead of last year. Map updates continue with over 9,000 implemented so far this year. Winter projects include converting all users to the latest ITIC software, a number of short videos showing how to optimize the online ticketing system, and updating all users contact info. The website analytics project is moving along with hopes to be live around the first of the year.
  • Election of new Director: Brian Connolly


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