Board of Directors 

Highlights: August 9, 2023

  • Chairs Report: Introduction to guest Crystal Gorres who's been with CenterPoint Energy for over 10 years. April minutes approved. Rundown of meeting between Dean Parker and State Rep. Larry Kraft who vice chiars the Climate and Energy Committee.
  • COO Report: Overall ticket volume is down approx. 2.3% from 2022 although May was the second busiest month in GSOC history. After review of electronic positive response numbers, board members suggest further analysis of normal and update tickets only. Missunderstandings of how meet tickets is prompting further education for excavators. Future developments will involve an online communication platform for easy posting and viewing of project scheduling and documentation. City of Roseau is working towards using GPS enabled locators to develop improved utility maps. Utility mapping project continues adn the CGA is interested in helping to establish guidelines for data formatting and transmission.
  • PR/Awareness Report: Upcoming awareness efforts - Farm Fest, 811 Run, State Fair, and OCC Users' Group. New CGA logo and "50 in 5" challenge from CGA. Suggestion from board member for GSOC to build a training curriculum for excavators. Kim Boyd is is looking into what can be used as a basis from other OCC states. 
  • MnOps Update: MN damage rates reported to MnOps are slightly lower than those reported to CGA DIRT Report, but reporting continues to decline. Most cases initiated in 2023 have not been finalized with 200 pending cases. Board discussed initial alternatives to MnOps involvement in enforcement for delayed ticket disputes. Advisory committee formation for the MN Management Analysis Division project continues. 17 interviews have happened already. No changes to Chapter 216D. Civil damages for pipelines have been aligned with Federal standards. MnOps request for $563,000 annually from the DP general fund has been approved. Complaint resolutino needs a better escalation process and there will be more investigation into what is causing all the delays.
  • OCC Report: Work from home model has increased retention. Cross training has led to greater efficiencies and higher KPI compliance. Phase II of the My Ticket Analytics project went live at the end of March. Facility Operators and excavators are all invited to sign up now. Notificaiton center is also working obtain accurate design contact information on non-excavation type tickets. Change to ITIC callbacks from call to early morning email prompting more timely responses from homeowners. A record number of map updates have been made in 2023 with over 11,000 in July alone.
  • Finance Committee Update: Financial statement audit is complete. Performance is satisfactory and management expenses continue to be within expected norms. 


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