Board of Directors 

Highlights: November 8, 2023

  • Chairs Report: Introduction to Dan Krier, the new State Marshall and Director of the Office of Pipeline Safety. Introduction to Brad Seber, Shane Alexander, and Crystal Gorres all with CenterPoint Energy. Introduction of Richard Klein from the City of Redwing. August minutes approved. Explanation and approval of government relations proposal by GSOC's lobbying firm. Barb Cederberg proposed another strategic planning session. The last was 5 years ago and extremely helpful in guiding GSOC management. This was approved.
  • Guest Discussion - White Lining: Richard Klein from the City of Red Wing addressed the board regarding a substantial lack of whitelining. GM of GSOC, Tammy Gardner pointed out that there are required questions whether filing online or by phone about whether or not the area has been whitelined. Ultimately it was decided this is an enforcement issue, not a call center issue, and that MnOps should be engaged for compliance.
  • COO Report: GSOC visioning team previously looked into software for field communication between locators, excavators, and facility operators. All were deficient in some way. OCC has decided to develop software in-house and is planning to have that up and running by the 2024 busy season. Concerns over record keeping standards and security of information being stored was discussed. Non-excavation review committee has met and is in the process of gathering useful suggestions from facility operators. PHMSA grant to SahredGeo to assist with the development of software to share mapping data between organizations. The first will be MnDOT and WSB Engineering. Michigan notification center has received funding from the state to assist in funding innovations and is interested in the mapping project.
  • PR/Awareness Report: New program called Twin Cities Road Crew which brings damage prevention messaging to schools. Also working on a new billboard program with the Green and Blue metro lines. 13,000 yard sticks were given out at 2023 State Fair. TV coverage was received by WCCO and KARE11. 811 Run had significant increase in participants and sponsors from previous years. Olivia is seeking new information to keep the DP meetings fresh and interesting. Discussion of a learning management system that ends with a certificate of completion.
  • OCC Presentation: 2024 staffing plan is to retain more personnel over the winter and train closer to busy season than in previous years. KPI compliance is high for the year and ticket volume has evened out to within 1% of 2022. Review of the dynamic start time innitiative. Proposed statutory change to have all ticket start times at 12:01am to help with scheduling. My Ticket Analytics is being offerred to all of the largest volume stakeholders. Efforts to enhance employee engagement have been more difficult as the work from home model continues, but is an important strategy to retain employees. Notification center has processed more than 20,000 map updates so far this year.
  • Presentation - GPS Locating Technologies: Travis Beran, Preident of Subsurface Solutions, shared new developments in GPS locating technology including some that may be used where cell service is not available.
  • MnOps Update: Damage rates reported to MnOPS are down slightly for Q3. Working with the MN Department of Management more than 8,000 surveys have been sent out to the industry for feedback regarding current industry issues and possible legislation changes. GSOC members are encouraged to participate and pass the survey along to other stakeholders. A special meeting was proposed to continue discussion of adjustments to the statute.
  • Finance Committee Update: Ticket volumes are slightly down, but so are expenses so overall financial performance remains near expectations. Development of the 2024 financial projection will be later this month.


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