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GSOC Meet Tickets

What is a meet ticket and when should you file one with Gopher State One Call (GSOC)?

Excavators can file meet tickets with GSOC to request an on-site meeting with facility operators at the proposed excavation site to clarify the precise location of excavation, schedule locating, propose future contacts, and/or share other information concerning the excavation and facilities. Excavators can request a meet ticket online by logging into ITIC or via phone by calling the notification center at 811, or on our direct lines at 651-454-0002 for the Twin Cities metro, or 800-252-1166 for the greater MN area. Make sure to anticipate changes in the job site, weather, or other conditions that may change the direction or nature of the work and communicate those changes to all affected parties.

When is a meet appropriate?1

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We will be CLOSED on Memorial Day, Monday the 28th

We will be closed for Memorial Day.

Monday will not count towards your standard 48 hour notice when filing a locate, so please plan accordingly.

Excavation Entities: Defining the Work Area

What is an excavation entity and why should you care? If you’re an ITIC user, creating the excavation entity that identifies your work area is one of the single most important things you do when submitting a ticket. Let’s find out why.

An excavation entity is the parcel, circle, route, feature, shapefile, or free-hand/GPS-generated polygon used to identify your area of excavation when you submit an ITIC ticket. The entity that you choose when outlining your work area has a big impact on the results you get from locators marking your work area. Wondering which Gopher State One Call (GSOC) mapping tool is best to outline your proposed excavation area? Keep reading to find out!

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What is MapLINK?

You probably know that Gopher State One Call (GSOC) sends copies of tickets to both excavators and facility operators. Did you know that tickets sent by email contain a powerful tool called MapLINK that provides advanced features to both excavators and facility operators at no additional charge? Read on to learn more!

When an excavator uses ITIC to file a locate request, GSOC will send the excavator a record copy via email that includes a specialized MapLINK to their information. This link provides excavators immediate online access to all their tickets, including a map of the excavation site and utility notification list. Excavators can use MapLINK to easily verify the accuracy of submitted tickets and access other advanced features.

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Web Ticket Process Change

Must Manually Enter Start Date and Time for online Ticket Requests for Normal, Meet and Boundary Survey Tickets

For online submitted Normal, Meet and Boundary Survey tickets, the requested start date and time must now be manually entered. The start date and time will no longer default to 48 hours (not including weekends and holidays).

  • This change is being made to facilitate more precise start date and times on ticket requests.
  • Remember: You are permitted to submit a ticket up to 14 days in advance of your start date and time.
  • If you have a large project where construction will be conducted in phases, GSOC suggests you consider utilizing a Meet Ticket.

Underground safety is a Shared Responsibility:

  • With the late spring, there are high demands on all aspects of the one call process. Communication among all stakeholders is critical to underground safety
  • Please remember to white mark where practical.
  • Describe your excavation area as precisely as possible.

Coming Soon: Extended Start Time for Normal Tickets

This new feature, Extended Start Time will allow a Facility Operator to request an extension to the work to begin date on a ticket of up to 24 hours. Extended Start Time was developed to permit compliance with Minnesota State Statute 216D for the requirement that facility operators perform a locate within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) of the start date and time for normal tickets.

The request and acceptance to extend the start time must be completed prior to the original start date and time on the original ticket.

You can attend an ITIC training via one of our upcoming Webinar Wednesdays! If Wednesdays are not good for you, contact our ITIC department to schedule a webinar at a more convenient time.

GSOC ITIC Department - itic@gopherstateonecall.org or 651-681-7326.

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