Damage Prevention Meetings 

Damage Prevention Meetings (DP meetings) are held by and for the excavation community each year in March and April. They are focused on safe digging and best practices education with content provided by Gopher State One Call, the MNCGA, and MNOPS. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic we've taken everything digital this year. You can watch the GSOC videos here, and if you would like access to the full course you can follow the links below to Coursettra where you will find content from GSOC, MNCGA and MNOPS as well as quizzes and scheduled live discussions.


GSOC Training Modules

DP Training: Introduction 
Module 1: GSOC Introduction and 2021 Goals
Module 2: Safety 
Module 3: 2020 Ticket Recap
Module 4: Ticket Types and Use of Meet Tickets
Module 5: Expectations, White Markings and Helpful Tips
Module 6: Locate Request Process Changes
Module 7: Recap

Coursettra Online Training


The Metropolitan Utility Coordinating Committee (MUCC), Gopher State One Call (GSOC) and Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety (MNOPS) have put together a comprehensive online course that includes all of the materials that would formerly have been presented at the in-person DP Meetings. By registering through Coursettra, users can access all DP presentations to train at their own pace or they can register for live virtual discussions where they are guided through the materials, able to ask questions and discuss what is going on in the field.

MNOPS Online Training


The Minnesota Office of Pipeline Safety (MNOPS) has several resources and training materials for excavators and locators. This year they have also put together a series of case studies looking at proper potholing, near hit, and refraining from marking an entire lot that can be found on their website by folllowing the link above.