Board of Directors 

Next GSOC Board Meeting, Wednesday, August 14, 2019

The next Gopher State One Call Board Meeting is on Wednesday, August 14th, 2019. The Open Session of the Board Meeting starts at 9:00 am. The public is invited to attend the Open Session portion of the meeting. If you plan to attend, please contact Barb Cederberg GSOC COO at 651-681-7303 or at Barbara.cederberg@gopherstateonecall.org.


Gopher State One Call is a non-member Minnesota nonprofit corporation with oversight provided by its Board of Directors, consisting of Directors from a wide spectrum of damage prevention industry stakeholders. For further information, history and background, see the Board Election Policy.

  • Apr. 8, 2019 - DRAFT
  • Jan. 9, 2019 - APPROVED
  • Nov. 14, 2018 - APPROVED
  • Aug. 15, 2018 - APPROVED

Highlights:  Apr. 8, 2019

  • Chair's Report: Thank yous, new hires, Adam Kramer to retire, Short meeting to allow members to attend the Locate Rodeo and thanks to those volunteering, thanks to those who attended CGA and discussed what was useful about attending. Reminder that Board composition discussion has been deferred to April. 
  • Approval of Jan 2019 meeting minutes.
  • MnOps Update: Thank you to GSOC for supporting the Pipieline Safety Educational Conference as well as the Locate Rodeo. New hires, new Commissioner for the Department of Public Safety, and realignment of divisions containing hazardous materials to the State Fire Marshall.
  • COO Report: Large areas requiring repeated locates that are unnecessary. GSOC is developing a handout for Meet tickets, total number of tickets in Greater MN is continuing to exceed those if the Twin Cities Metro Area, and the Facility Operator Information Project is nearly complete. 
  • Outreach and Public Awareness Review: All over Medias Sponsorship to reach greater Minnesota as well as continued efforts with Star Tribune, iHeart Media and MN United Soccer.
  • OCC Report: Prep for the upcoming busy season, speaker from Xcel Energy to the CSRs, march ticket volumes were down but up 2.7% from the previous month, discussion of "snow removal tickets", homeowners volume for both online and call in submission are up, though call durations are slightly longer at the moment. Start time request feature is operational and used mostly my Xcel and Century Link. 5000 GIS updated since the beginning of the year. Testing has begun for the new online ticket submission user interface (UX/UI). 
  • Finance Committee Update: Everything was a little less than expected-- losses, revenue, projected ticket volume increase, and actual expenses for 2018.


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Highlights:  Jan. 9, 2019

  • COO Report: Operational summary for Nov & Dec, test interface for new user interface, & Upper Midwest Regional Users' Group
  • Strategic Planning: Audrey Epstein introduction and the development of a meaningful strategic business plan.


Highlights:  Nov. 14, 2018

  • Chairs Report:  Encouragement to increase attendance at OCC Users Group for the opportunity to gain additional insight on what other states are doing operationally and post mid-term election legislative report.
  • NULCA introduction from speaker Ron Peterson discussing recommended damage prevention practices from the perspective of the locator. Emphasis on private facility awareness. 
  • Previojs Meeting Items: MNCAER's potentially misleading presentation slide has been removed and split rule for non-excavation tickets at township boundaries will remain in effect. 
  • Encouraging Greater Use of Meets: Does the MN statute allow a routine ticket to be converted into a meet and ,if so, are there any unintended consequences of doing so. A subcommittee will be formed to address some of these concerns.
  • COO report: Ticket volumes, the contact information collection project status, delayed request feature initial usage numbers, MetroNet fiberoptic installation project in Rochester, and the piblic awarenss surveyon recogniztion of GSOC and 811, and 3 year strategic plan for GSOC.
  • OCC report: After a very slow start to 2018, the numbers for the year are finally on par with where they were at this time last year, online ticket submission has gone up every month, online emergency locate pilot will continue, and OCC plans to do more training in 2019 regarding the extended start time. 
  • PR report: 14 major events were attended creating approximately 1500 in-person interactions, over 45 education sessions, successful use of targeted radio ads, 2019 proposed campaigns with MN United and All Over Media using truck facades, and revisions to the new GSOC app.

Highlights:  Aug. 15, 2018

  • Chairs Report: Legislative report on SB 3870, encouragement to attend CGA and OCC Users Group to increase national engagement.
  • Discussion of After Hours Online Ticket Submission and Work Start Date Designation
  • MNCAER: discussion of GSOC slide on MNCAER presentation on pipeline safety and the role of GSOC in emergency situations.
  • Possible Additional Map Layers: Sewer as built maps from the city of Mpls, posibility of 3D augmented reality locating in the future.
  • COO report: Ticket numbers, OCC Users' Group, Extended start time feature, 3 year strategic plan and 3 year technology plan.
  • OCC report: Call Center performance, ITIC training sessions changes, and system upgrades.
  • MnOps Update: Damage analyses performed by MnOps, process of enforcement, violations, and penalties. 
  • PR report: Participation in several CGA initiatives, upcoming events including the State Fair, and review of radio and media sponsorships.


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